Glee Episode 11: Bringing Muhammad's mountain down

Emma counsels Will in her office wearing a purple-blue sweater with large blueberry buttons.  She wears a yellow bracelet that appears to be a favorite, seen previously here, here, and here. It goes with everything!

Glee Episode 10: Standing too close

Emma is crushing hard on Will during his song of rejection.  She wears a pendant necklace.  It looks like a white flower, perhaps cabochon, on a brass ornate base.  A touch more romantic than her usual style.

Glee Episode 10: Counseling a little too late

Yes, probably in hindsight, he shouldn't have sung a ballad to Rachel.  Better fix that with a second song, especially for her!  Emma doesn't provide her most helpful counseling here, but she looks lovely in a pale blue sweater.  The white necktie might be a bit much for others who wear beaded jackets with pearl buttons, but not Emma!  Her wrist sports a large enamel white bracelet. 

Glee Episode 9: . . .

Glee returns from its hiatus while baseball airs.  Sadly, this episode was without Emma, so we will have to wait another week to see what beauties she wears.
Glee introduced us to Emma Pillsbury: sweet, prim, and a little crazy. She also has the most fantastic jewelry box ever. Follow me on a journey of discovery and envy as we attempt to catalogue Emma's fancy wearables.
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