Glee Episode 8: Some things can't be mashed together

Will resigns from his role as dance instructor and song mixer.   Emma wears a blue cardigan (someone needs to blog about how many cardigans this girl has) with an oversized necklace.  Invoking Wilma Flintstone, the large white beads have an asymmetrical pink flower accent.

Glee Episode 8: A wedding dance with the wrong man

Emma brings Will to her bridal shop to try out her moves in her real wedding gown.  Splendid and simple, just like our Emma.  She wears understated pearl earrings with a Grecian hair wrap, embellished with rhinestones.

Glee Episode 8: Award for most clothes worn during the Thong Song

Holy moly Miss Pillsbury!  That is one terrible dress.  Lots of bows going on with a lot of other stuff.  I don't even know what to say.

Glee Episode 8: Dance lessons for her wedding

Emma and Ken approach Will for help with their wedding dance song.  She rocks the monotone look by wearing a blue daisy brooch on a blue cardigan.  This is a different blue daisy than the one worn in episode 2.  Of course. This one has a dark center with alternating dark and light blue petals, plus a stem.

Glee Episode 7: . . .

Emma was not in episode 7, so sad.  There will be no jewelry updates this week.  Let's hope she's not on a honeymoon.

Glee Episode 6: Wishing for a reason to say no

Emma confronts Will on her engagement to Ken.  She wears a button-down shirt with tiny ruffles and a yellow double-stranded bead necklace.  It's possible this is the same ladybug necklace seen before here and here, but with the clasp hidden and the necklace tightened. 

Glee Episode 6: Curiously Unadorned

Emma braves the locker room to accept Ken's proposal - with certain conditions.  Although she has a neck bow, I'm calling this unadorned.  Emma, thy neck and arms are so bare!  She makes up for it with another double bow ensemble.  Those are hard to pull off, but she does it TWICE in one episode. 

By the way, I'm pretty sure this top was at Anthropologie, and it doesn't look nearly as good on me.  I'm sorry I can't place clothes more often.  I have no skill for it.  From what I've read online and from comments, Emma dresses almost head to toe in J. Crew.

Glee Episode 6: Being the other woman

Emma wears a simple collared white sweater with a tiny daisy pin.  Demure and modest. 

Glee Episode 6: An engagement proposal with celery

Another bowed shirt! This periwinkle top has fabric rosettes as well as the white sailor collar tie.  No jewelry, unfortunately. 

Glee Episode 6: Judging the boys' performance

A blink and you'll miss it shot reveals Emma in a purple top with neck sash and a maize sweater.  Her right wrist might be wearing a gold charm bracelet, but it's hard to see.

Glee Episode 6: Intercepted by the fake pregnant fake nurse

Emma is caught wooing Will in the faculty lounge.  She fastens her tawny sweater with black flower and pearl clips.  The chain looks similar to the owl clips chain, I'm suspicious that she just swapped out the clips.  But I think this is an entirely new piece. 

Glee Episode 6: Mustard Flirtations

I might need to start a new "Double Bow" category for Emma's outfits.  But this blog is about her jewelry, so I mussn't. 

Emma matches her bow-tastic yellow shirt with a beaded bracelet.  It appears to be the same one worn to lunch here, and here

Glee Episode 5: Pleased that her plan worked

Two shots are needed to show off Emma's wares at the Glee Club Invitational performance.  She wears a five-petaled flower with center detailing, dipped in gold, but with a greenish sheen.  Not sure if this is the color of the piece, or an effect from her red top.  In one brief moment she shows us the pink starburst ring on her right hand.  All is right with the world again.

Glee Episode 5: Pinkies up when taking papers

Emma is tickled that Finn turns in a music scholarship application.  But is she secretly just happy to have Rachel back in Glee, booting April out?  She wears an elaborate golden orb pendant over a cool silk blouse.

Glee Episode 5: Fresh from the decontamination shower

Emma changes into fresh clothes, choosing a high-necked white blouse with neck bow and close-fitting purple jacket with brocaded gold clasps.

Glee Episode 5: Hallway intervention

Emma wears a kelly green cardigan with fabric flowers and ribbon stitched around the neckline.  She clasps the front with gold leaf sweater clips.  Squee!  I hope she didn't have to destroy these after the vomiting.

Glee Episode 5: Regretting helping out

Emma doesn't like Will's plan to bring April into Glee.  But she dutifully provides April's school records and presents them in a smart black sweater with an abstract flower pin.  The starburst design in black, white, and red is likely set in a metal frame.  An uncharacteristic piece for Emma.

Glee Episode 5: Comparing glee to bobsledding

Emma is more truthful with Will than she is with Finn.  During this cutaway scene she waltzes down the hall in a flowered blouse with collar bow and dazzling triple stranded purple beads.  The necklace is accented with a rhinestone flower.

Glee Episode 5: Suggesting an arts scholarship

Emma wears her counselor hat with a coral pink cardigan with built-in fabric daisies.
Glee introduced us to Emma Pillsbury: sweet, prim, and a little crazy. She also has the most fantastic jewelry box ever. Follow me on a journey of discovery and envy as we attempt to catalogue Emma's fancy wearables.
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