Glee Episode 2: Settling for Less

Emma compromises her romantic aspirations and accepts Ken's invitation to Tulipalooza.  Twin owl clips perch on her collar wings, connected by a lavender beaded chain.  {This is the piece which inspired this blog.  Seriously, owl clips?! Emma is fan.tas.tic.}


chitarita said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this one!

nicolle said...

I bought this exact vintage owl clip on eBay!!!!!! I'm so excited to get it, sweater guards are due for a comeback!!!

Rachel said...

Another set of owl clips have ben posted on ebay for anyone trying to hunt them down: (I couldn't paste the link so I tried to replicate it in text, I hope I got it right):

Lori said...

Her hair, her clothes, she is my hero

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