Glee Episode 2: Playing House

Emma shares some inner secrets with Will while cleaning the science room.  She sports what appears to be a favorite necklace style: stranded beads with a flower on the side.  This is a triple set of jade-like beads in varying sizes with a resplendent white flower.


Natalie Sinisgalli said...

I want this necklace! Any ideas on who makes it?

eaumaison said...

Sadly I do not. Target had a line of jewelry during the summer that had similar styles. You might find one on clearance still. But I do not think Emma shops at Target. Surely this is an original that they knocked off.

Glad you are enjoying the blog! May I ask how you found me?

eaumaison said...

I found this link from another fan site:

This confirms my suspicion that it was from Target.

Natalie Sinisgalli said...

Ahhh thank you!! I'll try to make it over to Target tonight on the off chance they still have one.... I found your site through Google - I typed in "Emma Pillsbury necklace" in search of this green necklace! I've since bookmarked you - love the blog! Great work, I'll definitely keep following :0)

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