Glee Episode 6: Curiously Unadorned

Emma braves the locker room to accept Ken's proposal - with certain conditions.  Although she has a neck bow, I'm calling this unadorned.  Emma, thy neck and arms are so bare!  She makes up for it with another double bow ensemble.  Those are hard to pull off, but she does it TWICE in one episode. 

By the way, I'm pretty sure this top was at Anthropologie, and it doesn't look nearly as good on me.  I'm sorry I can't place clothes more often.  I have no skill for it.  From what I've read online and from comments, Emma dresses almost head to toe in J. Crew.


Erin said...

The top is definitely Anthro:

The only problem with all of her FAB-U-LOUS outfits is that by the time we see them, the pieces are not available at stores or online anymore.

This orange skirt is JCrew, as is the teal skirt she wears earlier in the episode, and the yellow beaded bracelet & necklace she seems so fond of. She does dress mostly in JCrew, especially her cardigans, but Anthro is also popular. And the skirt she's worn that I covet the most (from the second episode, chalk-on-the-nose scene) was Juicy Couture. And out of stock. Drat.

I have the cardigan she wore a couple episodes ago that was hot pink with the three fabric flowers sewn on in a cream color (also JCrew, purchased it back in April/May). I already adored it, but I nearly lost my mind when I saw it included in her enviable wardrobe.

eaumaison said...

Fabulous information, Erin! Feel free to chime in on any of her adorable looks. I know there are readers who would love to know where to find her goods.

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